Monday, August 15, 2005

Only Half Of The Cindy Sheehan Story

I've been avoiding writing about the Sheehan story in the hopes that the ridiculous stunt will end soon. But this post at LyfLines is too good to pass up. (Hat tip polipundit.)

My biggest frustration with this whole thing is that it is all so obvious. The moment you heard about a mother protesting the Iraq war outside of Bush's ranch, you knew that the situation would be exploited. You knew there would be a hidden agenda. You knew that opinion would be reported as fact, while the truth would go largely unreported. You knew that it would become a media spectacle--either due to (being generous) a desire to sell papers and get ratings or, more probably, due to desperate desire by a biased media to get its view heard.

One can only hope that with new media sources available on the internet, that the general population of the U.S. realizes the sham they are witnessing and change the channel. But sadly I tend to doubt it.

Putting my doubts aside, here are a few more posts and articles about Sheehan, for those that want to see past the smoke and mirrors.

Slate (Hat tip: anklebitingpundits)

(with commentary by Lorie Byrd, the Anchoress, and Betsy Newmark -- whom all reference each other)

Power Line


keyedup2much said...

Doesnt any one understand that if we pull out now, that all of our people, would have died for nothing. We must finsh this, we must succede, if we dont we will only give terrorist more power to continue their war. This war is being fought over there , so we dont have to fuight it here. Those who dont understand that are destine to repeat the mistakes of history. We must win there so it ends there. Thank God the media and the liberals weren't around in 1943, for it thery were, we'd all be speaking German, and japanese, and not the Germany of Japan of today, but the AXIS powers of the 1940's.

Keith Kannenberg said...

The media and libeals were around back in 1943. They just hadn't switched sides yet.