Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Frustration In Being A Moderate?

One thing that has struck me since I've started blogging is how much energy people on the extremes of the political spectrum have. For example, the media just doesn't push its agenda once and a while. It pushes it every day, in multiple ways. As soon as one biased story looses public appeal, another way to push the agenda is found. And the phenomenon isn't limited to the left. People on the right don't cry out against abortion occasionally; they do so every day, at every opportunity. Their stance seems to grow from performing abortions is immoral, through talking about abortions is wrong, all the way to thinking about abortions must be stopped.

As someone in the middle (right of center, but still way in the middle) of the political spectrum, I find it hard to keep up. How many times can I point out media bias? It isn't going to stop and most people don't seem to care or even much notice. For every logical argument I can put forth, there are a hundred people spewing forth biased arguments to the contrary.

I've thought about this for a while, but decided to write about it today when I noticed this post over at Instapundit. In it, Glenn responds to criticism he has received for (in Glenn's words): "...having the temerity to suggest that it's wrong for the press to peddle falsehoods about the war." While I agree with Glenn that the criticism is ridiculous, what struck me was the nature of Glenn's response. It was two large paragraphs, hastily typed as he was getting on a plane, complete with a "taht" instead of "that" typo. This from a man who can usually get his point across with a well-timed "Heh." I can't help but think that Glenn gets at least a little frustrated being the Libertarian in the middle, as it were.

I have no real solution for myself other than to keep on blogging and see how it goes. I'm sure showing weakness isn't a good tactical move, but I must admit that it does get tiring, day-to-day, keeping up with people with extreme views with a seemingly limitless energy to push them.