Sunday, June 19, 2005

Downing Street Memos Fake?

There's been a lot of press recently about the "Downing Street Memos" and the claim that President Bush had intelligence faked to justify the war with Iraq. There was even call for impeachment by some unimportant senator, I believe. Captain's Quarters blog has a great post about how the memos may actually be fake.

The story is quite amazing. The reporter "destroyed the originals" to protect his source--the supposed memos have been retyped. But where they retyped into a computer? No. An old fashioned typewriter was used, apparently in an effort to make them seem more real.

Follow the link, follow the story. Outrageous that something like this wasn't checked for authenticity. I guess to some the truth doesn't matter as long as your goals are accomplished. I hear that the case for impeachment builds.

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