Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Syrian Troops Leave Lebannon

Some positive news--Syria has ended its 29-year occupation of Lebanon. Definitely a move the right direction, but movement like this is always slow in coming and shaky. At the end of the article, linked above, there is this quote:
He [Lebanese army commander Suleiman] pledged continued cooperation between the two countries in several fields, including the fight on terror and opposition to Israel.

"Together we shall always remain brothers in arms in the face of the Israeli enemy," Suleiman said.
Fighting terror and opposition to Israel? So does this mean bus bombings and the like will not be used against Israel anymore? Regardless I find it an amazing proof point toward just how much the "war against terror" has become integrated across the world. I am not suggesting that everyone who mentions it actually supports it (many do not) but it is amazing to me the number of people who feel compelled to mention their "opposition" to terror.

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