Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thoughts On The EU Constitution

I don't claim to be an expert in EU politics, but I found this post at AnkleBitingPundits interesting.

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Corbett J. Klempay said...

Uh, the end of that guy's post makes him sound a few steps off the deep end:

Here’s the most likely scenario, as I see it: 1.) the constitution will fail; 2.) the euro will collapse; 3.) somehow, America will get the blame; 3.) America, being the kind of people we are, will come to the rescue and prevent a global recession; 4.) the Godfathers of Europe will force through an even worse constitution through less democratic means; and 5.) once established, the Europe we save will quietly engage in a campaign of economic terrorism against the United States.

Uh, what? 'Economic terrorism'? What does that correspond to exactly -- More money for Airbus? More farm subsidies? I'm not sure what picture he's trying to paint.