Tuesday, March 01, 2005

117 Days Late

The original title for my first post was supposed to "Why Blog?" That first post was also suppose to have been made 117 days ago. I'll save you the trouble of flipping through a calendar and just tell you the original plan was to start blogging right after the presidential election. During the campaign I have to admit that I was caught up in the blog revolution. My opinion of an activity that I had initially discounted (who would want to share private thoughts online?) changed to one of amazement (these guys took on Dan Rather and won!).

Thinking I might just be excited by a passing fad I decided to wait. But as the days, week, and now months have passed, the desire has not diminished. So here we are, 117 days later... The purpose of this post is still to answer the same question I had originally intended to answer--why blog?--so I should probably get to it.

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Boston for the first time and, while there, I was able to walk most of The Freedom Trail. I found the experience to be far more moving that I could have predicted. The highlight for me was standing on the street, looking up at the balcony from which the Declaration of Independence was first read. I've visited many museums, but I've never felt history like I did that day.

It is perhaps presumptuous, but I feel that the modern equivalent to the debate about democracy in the revolutionary times is the debate that rages today across the countless blogs of the internet. The activity is not, or at least doesn't have to be, the discordant rants of a host of individuals. The linking, referencing, fact-checking and instant feedback allow for debate and discussion among the largest group of people in history.

So it is with that lofty view that I throw my virtual hat into the ring. I don't have a master plan as to what my destination will be with this exercise. To be honest, I'm only vaguely sure of the direction I want to take. And the hard truth is that I can't be sure anyone will ever read this aside from the few friends I point this way at first.

Only time will tell how successful this experiment will be. But 117 days is late enough so let the journey along the trail begin here.