Thursday, March 31, 2005

Please Relent, Become A Liberal

Paul Wolfowitz was unanimously elected World Bank President today. Here's a Yahoo! News link to the AP story.

CNN didn't use the AP story, instead choosing to use their own reporter. My favorite quote from their take on the story is:
An unrelenting conservative, Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of defense, was criticized as an architect of the U.S. invasion in Iraq and his nomination by President Bush to replace James Wolfensohn at the World Bank was controversial among European countries and others that opposed the war.
If only Wolfowitz would relent, and stop being a conservative...

(Note that the CNN article says that Reuters contributed to the report, but if you check the Reuters version of the story, you will see no mention of "unrelenting conservative".)

Fair and balanced?

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Keith Kannenberg said...

I thought Wolfowitz was one of those nasty "neo-conservatives". That would mean he has relented - in his liberalism.