Friday, March 04, 2005

Update on Cable / Satellite "Regulation"

I don't like his attitude, but soon-to-be-leaving FCC chair Powell was interviewed by FoxNews and stated that the attempts to regulate non-broadcast media is unconstitutional.

Good news. Unfortunately his point was that the Supreme Court had made it difficult if not impossible to regulate cable and other non-broadcast media with a number of decisions. It wasn't that it was wrong to regulate it, only that it was not legal.

But I'll take it as a victory for the freedom of speech. Hopefully the proposal will now die sooner rather than later.

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R said...

Regulation, schmegulation. There is apparently discussion in Congress of regulating VoIP as well. As a user of Vonage, it's pretty nice to get just one tax on my entire phone bill (as opposed to 17,000 different taxes I used to get with SBC). PCWorld has an article about this here.