Thursday, March 17, 2005

What Media Bias?

Despite my utter frustration with media bias, I haven't posted much on the topic. This story I just can't let go by without commenting.

The real analysis was done here (hat tip Instapundit). If you don't have time to click the link and read, here's the quick summary.

A poll of Iraqi's was released, indicating 62% of Iraqi's polled thought the country was headed in a positive direction, 23% thought it was headed in a negative direction. The USAToday covers the story with the simple headline, "Most Iraqis say future looks brighter". So far so good.

How does the New York Times cover the story? By finding a single person in Iraqi that has a negative view, quoting him and using the headline, "Many Iraqis Losing Hope That Politics Will Yield Real Change." Unbelievable.

Never let the truth stand in the way of an agenda, right?


Keith Kannenberg said...

It's not just the front page story. The Times has a two page editorial today ( registration required) which basically says how wrong the Iraq war was. A large part of their justification is that "Things are even worse on the Arab street" and " Those stains on the index fingers of proud Iraqi voters have long faded." In their clouded view of the world it's Abu Ghraib that matters, not elections. And what justification do they cite for this belief? Why Robert Worth's interview with "average citizens" of course. It would be laughable if the NYT still didn't retain a lot of influence in some circles.

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