Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To What Purpose?

The news is all over the web and the MSM that an al-Qaida web site has stated Zarqawi is injured. The web site calls for the prayers of Muslim people for his recovery. This is obviously a strange admission by an organization that at least attempts to use propaganda and press to its advantage.

One interesting theory is that he isn't really injured and that when he "recovers" later, al-Qaida can point to the power of Muslim prayer. If that's the plan, someone forgot to tell the people of Iraq:
On the streets of Baghdad, many like Saliha Elaibi, covered in black dress from head to toe, were praying the news of his injury was true.

"We are praying for his death. We ask God to save us from him and from his car bombs," she said.

Hats off to the AP for not spinning this story with any bias.

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