Monday, December 05, 2005

The 4th Annual Warblogger Awards

John Hawkings, at Right Wing News, has posted the results of the 4th Annual Warblogger Awards. In addition to just being interesting to see what blogs are popular, I found it a good source for some new blogs to read. In particular, I'm always on the lookout for palatable left-of-center blogs, finding Kos and such to be unreadable. So this category was intriguing to me:
Favorite Left-Of-Center Blogger
3) Matthew Yglesias (3)
3) Harry's Place (No blogger specified) (3)
3) Norm Geras from Normblog (3)
2) Mickey Kaus from Kausfiles(7)
1) Kevin Drum from Political Animal(8)
I did find it interesting the Instapundit won "Best Blog Round-Up Site" and "Best Linker", came in second in "The Best Blog Overall", and yet also won "Most Overrated Blog". I don't understand.