Thursday, December 08, 2005

Afghans Optimistic About The Future

There's a fascinating report at ABCNews (hat tip Instapundit) that investigates the opinions of the citizens of Afghanistan 4 years after the fall of the Taliban. (The poll is the first national survey sponsored by a news organization.) The entire report is interesting, so I suggest you read the whole thing. Particularly noteworthy were these two poll question results:
Public Attitudes in Afghanistan -- Current Direction?
Right Direction: 77%
Wrong Direction: 6%

U.S.-Led Overthrow of Taliban
Good Thing: 87%
Bad Thing: 9%
Now remember, two or so years ago, Michael Moore and company were making movies about how Afghanistan was a quagmire, and would only get worse.

Remember this report the next time you hear some politician argue it is time to cut and run in Iraq. Remember this report the next time Howard Dean says the war in Iraq is not winnable.