Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Positive Coverage of President Bush At CNN

No, you didn't read that subject line incorrectly. After Howard Dean's inflammatory comments yesterday, President Bush immediately countered with a speech of his own. I'm still shocked at the manner in which CNN has covered the response. They chose the headline "Bush: 'Amazing Progress' in Iraq." The following four links are available under the article:
Interactive: Highlights of Bush strategy for Iraq
Normally I would expect you could watch the Democratic response, the chart would be of U.S. casualties by month, and the interactive would have something to do with his sinking approval ratings. What exactly is going on here?

As the last piece of evidence, CNN is infamous for using unflattering pictures of Bush, featuring odd hand gestures and awkward open-mouth captures. However the one they chose today looks quite presidential.

Perhaps the outrageous comments by Kerry and Dean have called for a more subdued response by CNN. I have my doubts if this type of coverage will continue, but even the single occurence was noteworthy.