Friday, January 06, 2006

Quick Links

I don't have much time to post today, but I thought I'd list these quick links to things I found interesting today.

I haven't written anything about the West Virginia miners; I'm not sure what can be said that hasn't been said by many. This note left behind by Martin Toler was rather moving. CNN covers it here. For the link adverse, he wrote: "Tell all I see them on the other side JR I love you It wasn't bad just went to sleep."

A somewhat edgy blog (apologies for his "not safe for work section") analyzes a Brookings Institution report on civilian deaths in Iraq. (Hat tip Instapundit.) The short summary is that while the violence continues, the number of deaths is significantly down in December; the trend is enhanced if you divide December into pre-election and post-election periods.

Pat Robertson continues to be ripped to shreds on conservative blogs such as Ankle Biting Pundit (here and here) and the Hedgehog Report.