Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Spy Quiz

On January 1, Drummond Polipundit posted a quiz about spying and its place in U.S. history. In a follow-up post, he gave the answers. The formatting makes it hard to read, but I found some of the questions interesting. For example:
2. The “MAGIC” intercepts made before and during World War Two were legal because

[A] Congress passed a bill approving them

[B] All of the intercepts were made in foreign countries

[C] As Commander in Chief of the military, FDR already held all the authority he needed.

[D] Actually, the intercepts were illegal, but no one pursued the matter
Check out the links above to see all six questions.

Although I must say I don't understand the latest flood of media attention to this "spying scandal". I think everyone knows the CIA, the NSA, and other agency keep an eye on things. After all, that's what they are chartered to do. Feigning outrage that the Central Intelligence Agency does, in fact, gather intelligence doesn't seem like an effective strategy to me. But then I haven't understood a number of the strategies used against President Bush.