Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain VP: Now Palin?

All signs currently seem to be pointing to Palin for VP for McCain. I had sort of discounted the possibility, the thinking being that women would considering it pandering for the female vote. Ann Althouse is liveblogging the decision and it has made me rethink that line of reasoning. Notice this paragraph:
On TV, on Fox, they are saying what they know is that Romney, Huckabee, and Pawlenty are out. [CORRECTED TEXT: I'd written "is up" for some strange reason.] Ah so, it's going to be a woman. I'm hearing this for the first time at 8:37 Central Time. I will reveal that, instantly, a chill ran through my body when I heard that, and I have broken a sob or two as I write this.
She doesn't normally get this emotional about issues. So maybe the choice of Palin (if it is Palin) will be an effective one.

I have more thoughts on other Althouse comments from that same post, but I wanted to get this out there.

Edit: It is Palin! Althouse adds:
9:37: "MCCAIN PICKS SARAH PALIN." On the screen. Tears! Chills!!!!
This could be a historically brilliant move. Or of course a blunder if enough people don't vote for McCain because a woman is on the ticket.

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Sarah said...

I said to Steve months ago, if McCain has a *hope* of winning this race, he will have to nominate a woman. There is/was no way a ticket with two old, white men would ever beat the dynamism of Obama.

I'm actually incredibly surprised at McCain's strategies -- they seem very savvy, very careful and very subdued. I find that approach intriguing and we'll see how it plays next to the out and loud approach of Obama. It could backfire on McCain -- he could be seen as pandering to the Hillary vote, or trying to use a woman to look as though he too is 'just as progressive and looking for change' as Obama.

I'm watching it all with interest.