Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vladimir Putin is Racist

Speechless. I'm shocked this isn't getting more coverage in blogs and by traditional news outlets. Today, Russian Prime Minister Putin accused the U.S. of orchestrating the Georgian war.

I think people are more likely to believe that he has a shot on appearing on the next season of Dancing With the Stars. I don't know what is more ridiculous about this accusation: that the U.S. would have Russia start a war just to make defense a burning issue in the upcoming election; or that Russia would even begin to do what the U.S asked.

Making defense a big issue favors McCain. What possible reason could Putin have in seeing a war vet in the oval office over an inexperienced and young senator? Wait...I've been taught the answer to this. If he doesn't want Obama in office, clearly he must be racist. Yeah, that's it.

And if he floats on water, he must be a witch...