Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Giuliani In 2008

Lorie Byrd, of polipundit fame, has an interesting guest article at townhall. The article concerns the effects of hurricane Katrina and how Giuliani's potential as a presidential candidate was increased by them. Here main point:
On September 11, we saw what a leader looks like during a crisis and it looked like Rudolph Giuliani. In contrast, the recent example of New Orleans’ Mayor Nagin taking to the airwaves cursing the federal government and calling for the cavalry, not only did not look like leadership, but made Giuliani's performance on 9/11 look positively, well, presidential by comparison.
I completely agree. Nagin looked completely out of his element after Katrina. Giuliani seemed to come into his own after 9/11.

In the article, she also notes that the biggest difficulty with Giuliani winning the presidency is him winning the Republican nomination. Giuliani is not social conservative (particularly on abortion) and the fear is that he would loose the votes of the religious right. While I feel that this fear is justified, I must say I don't understand the behavior. I would think that someone seeking a socially conservative president, when given the choice between Giuliani and someone like Clinton or Dean, would see the importance of getting out to vote for Giuliani. If a slightly red state becomes slightly blue because of the lack of a conservative Christian vote, how does that help the Christian cause?

If he could get the nomination, I don't think he would need the far right vote to win the election. I think he would be very attractive to independents and moderate democrats who are frustrated with the moonbat pull of Kos, Soros, and the like. As a case in point, even Eleanor Clift, who marches in step with the loony left most of the time, asked, "Where is Giuliani when we need him?"

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