Sunday, September 04, 2005

Police Shoot, Kill Gunmen In New Orleans

Earlier today, there was an AP report that New Orleans police had shot and killed members of the Army Core of Engineers that were working to repair one of the levees. I was horrified but (thankfully) chose to wait on confirmation before blogging about it.

As it turns out, the story has a happy ending, if you can call it that. It turns out that the police actually shot and killed at least five gunmen (scroll down for the story) that were themselves shooting at the Army engineers. Even in the fact of such horror as the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans, I can't imagine what would possess someone to shoot at people trying to repair the levee. I am thankful that in this instance the police were around to restore a little order and sanity.

I think the first AP report and then the correction can be taken as an indication of just how chaotic things are in New Orleans right now. I don't fault the AP for getting the story wrong at first. It is difficult to get a true sense of the conditions down there, no matter how much TV coverage one watches. But one can easily imagine how confusing things were after the shooting.

At least the news in this case was not horrific, but only sad.

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