Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Truth And The Anti-War Protests

I've avoided blogging about the farcical "anti-war" protests in Washington this past week. I've done so mainly because I don't really think they are legitimate. They protestors couldn't seem to stay focused on the Iraq war; the comments made spread to almost every other issue imaginable. Since I don't find it interesting that there are thousands of liberal people in the country who love to get together to protest for the sake of having a protest, I've avoided the subject.

However, while you might suspect that the whole event is just a photo-op, you might be surprised just how staged it is. Wizbang blog (hattip Instapundit) has done some fact-checking on a particular protestor and found some interesting results.

If you follow the link, you'll see a picture of man at the protest holding a sign saying "I am a Republican and I'm ashamed of this GOP." You'll also see that the man, Jeb Eddy, is a fraud. Below the picture is a list of his campaign contribution, which amount to thousands of dollars to the Democratic party and the Kerry presidential fund.

The freedom of speech is alive and well in the U.S., so by all means, please protest your heart out if the mood strikes you. But to "protest" by walking around with a flat out lie written on a sign, pretending to be someone your not...well, that's just pathetic.

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