Friday, September 02, 2005

Intelligent Criticism

Dave Wissing, at the excellent Hedgehog Report, has posted his views on how different politicians have handled the Hurricane Katrina disaster. In contrast with the hideous bile coughed up by Clift at Newsweek (see this post below), this commentary by Wissing is intelligent, makes you think, and isn't dripping with talking points from the loony left.

Notice that he gives Bush a bad grade for his response so far. But also notice that his review of Bush's actions is based on Bush's actual actions themselves. There's no mention of the war in Iraq, the estate tax, long vacations or any other standard attacking point.

Everyone please enjoy the protection of the first amendment; being able to freely criticize the government is one of the things that makes this country great. But when you feel the need, please do so intelligently, as Mr. Wissing has done. The outlandish agenda journalism that is running rampant has gotten more than tiresome.

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