Friday, September 30, 2005

Breaking News: The New York Times Hates President Bush

Normally, I tend to avoid Bill O'Reilly. I can never tell if he is actually trying to make a point, or just trying to get the audience to think that he is really intelligent.

However, in his latest talking points on FoxNews, he has an interesting observation at the end of the article (under the Most Ridiculous Item of the Day section).
One month ago today, Hurricane Katrina hit, and since then the wind has been unbelievable in the media. Just for fun, I had the "Factor" research staff check out to see just how many anti-Bush editorials and op-eds The New York Times has printed since the storm blew in. The number is 53. There have been 53 anti-Bush columns in the New York Times in a month.

My question to that paper is why bother? Why not just put the bold letters up on the editorial pages, "We hate Bush." You don't need any back up. You hate him, we got it.

Ridiculous? Of course. Unless you're waiting for the 54th article.
I especially agree with the last part. As ridiculous as the NYT has become, I have no doubt they have a very large echo chamber that is eagerly awaiting the next anti-Bush editorial.

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