Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And That's the Ballgame

Ohio looks to be called for Obama. Unless exit polls are wrong, that's the election. Parting thoughts for the night.
  1. Given Bush, the economy, the biased media, and $600M of (somewhat illegal) campaign contributions, the deck was certainly stacked in Obama's favor. And it proved too difficult for McCain to overcome.

  2. Some conservatives might take comfort in the fact that during the next four years, everything rests on the shoulders of the Democrats. I'd try to share that sentiment but "New Deal" like programs are very hard to get rid of. I worry how much permanent damage Obama will do.
Out for now.

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knowitall said...

The ballgame of who can spend the most money. That's exactly the game the new left-wing illuminati in office will play when getting earmarks for their states.