Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Conservative Reactions to Obama's Victory

The web is filled with reactions to Obama's victory last night. Here are some of the more interesting ones from the conservative side. First, the positive take from Dave, the author over at Hedgehog Report.
Don’t get me wrong, I gladly voted for McCain yesterday and wanted him to win and had no intention of voting for Obama, but it was truly more of a party vote than voting for the individual candidate. One thing I did learn long ago is it really doesn’t matter who the President is as far as my personal life goes. I was better off personally after the eight years of Bill Clinton and I was better off personally after the almost eight years of George W Bush. I am sure I will be even better off after a term (hopefully only one) of Barack Obama. I’ve been part of winning campaigns (1994, 200, 2002, 2004) and part of losing ones (1996, 2006, 2008) and life goes on whether my side won or lost….
I think Dave is correct here, so long as Obama doesn't make the accumulation of wealth an absolute impossibility-and you'd have to be pretty paranoid to think he could achieve that. Over at Wizbang, Jay Tea notes some frightening similarities between Obama and Jimmy Carter.
Economy a bit on the shaky side: Check

Very unpopular Republican president blamed for the loss of his (would-be) successor: Check

Trouble with Iran brewing: Check

Energy crisis: Check

Smiling, cheerful national newcomer Democrat elected as president: Check

Career Washington insider elected as vice-president: Check

Russians/Soviets feeling belligerent and expansionistic: Check

Man, we are so screwed...
That's almost a little too accurate to be funny, as Jay intended. He also has a more serious piece on why Obama won--in his mind it all came down to fundraising and playing the game.

Finally, Instapundit links to a rather confusing piece entitled "Not the end of the world." Despite the title, the piece predicts absolute disaster, down to predicting a nuclear war between Iran and Israel. Make of that what you will...


mnotaro said...

Fundraising was a big piece of why Obama won.....Obama had almost twice as much campaign money as McCain had...and with the help of the liberal MSM illuminati~ there you have it! Obama is now President! Media + Money = Power and a win!

knowitall said...

We will be screaming, even those in support of the liberal illuminati when it's all said and done. Lots of spending and a white flag of surrender during the war, all checks.