Monday, November 03, 2008

Quick Thoughts Right Before Election Day

Not much more to say today, before the flood of activity tomorrow. I'll keep it simple.
  1. Exit polling that is leaked tomorrow will be laughably favorable towards Obama. Ignore it.

  2. McCain is not favored to win tomorrow, but it is much, much closer than biased polls and in-the-tank media pundits would have you believe.

  3. I'm am still very hopeful for a McCain win tomorrow. A perfect storm of bad moves has put PA in play. Despite the wishes and hopes of Hollywood stars, states like Virginia are still quite conservative. Polling is biased and the Bradley effect looms--which means Obama is not really that far ahead.
In a moment of weakness, I give you this report from the campaign trail from the, um, very unbiased FoxNews.

And Senator McCain's enthusiasm is higher than I've seen it in 14 years of covering him.
Hopefully that quote gives you some comfort.

I'll be blogging election results until I can't stand it tomorrow. Hopefully I will be happy but I'll be here either way. And blogging will continue either way the election goes.

It's been a wild ride since returning to cover this election. Tomorrow the real fun starts.

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knowitall said...

McCain fought hard for this election, just as he had for our country. I just hope now that the left-wing illuminati are in power they put our country first, just as McCain had.