Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's Family in Kenya to Slaughter a Bull in Celebration

The election hasn't been decided yet, but Obama's family in Kenya is ready.
Senator Barrack Obama’s relatives have congregated at Nyangoma Kogelo village and will remain together until after Tuesday’s US presidential elections.

They have set aside a bull to slaughter in celebration should the Illinois senator whose father was Kenyan win, according to family spokesperson Mr Malik Abongo.
(Hat tip: Kim Priestap.)

I wonder if PETA approves? Moose hunting is the real problem of course. Animal lives are secondary to getting the One elected. I'm sure PETA will remain mute on this story.

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knowitall said...

All the liberal illuminati gave Sarah Palin a hard time for shooting moose, but Saint Obama's family can slaughter a bull. Double standard.