Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Channels Chairman Mao in Final Virginia Appearance

Normally I don't put much stock in the revelations that one of Obama's campaign buttons or posters looks really similar to communist posters in the past. Sometimes the similarities are obvious, but they are rarely officially produced by the Obama campaign.

But in his comments today in Virginia, Obama should have chosen the motivation for his speech more carefully. I suppose he feels it is too late for it to have any impact on his campaign. Again, the arrogance he shows is astonishing. Covered by Gateway Pundit, here's the quote from Obama.
I feel like we got a righteous wind at our backs here, but we’re going to have to work. We’re going to have to struggle. We’re going to have to fight.
Here is a quote from the writing of Chairman Mao.
The ill wind of opportunism is falling, the righteous wind of socialism is on the rise.

By the end of this year the victory of socialism will be greatly assured. Naturally there will be many struggles ahead and we must struggle hard.
What this reveals is just where Obama got his motivation in early life. I'm sure (or at least I hope) that he didn't quote Mao on purpose. Phrases like "righteous wind" just are part of his thought processes when he thinks of how to influence people--does he even remember where he heard them first?

Again, the timing of this is such I'm not sure anyone will really hear about it until after the election. Certainly the media won't make the connection for the common man. We'll see if McCain or Palin mention it in their final push.

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