Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lorie Byrd on Losing Gracefully

Lorie Byrd at Wizbang was a ardent McCain-Palin supporter. She has a very good post about the right way for one administration to pass the reigns to the next.
Fox News showed a report with Josh Bolton saying the Bush administration has been in touch with both campaigns for several months and that the White House has already approved around 100 names for security clearance so that the Obama team can hit the ground running and the first security briefing will be done this week.
And lest you think that was always the case:
Compare that to the nightmare the Bush administration faced when the Clinton administration would not allow any transition activity to occur until after the recount was completed. One report I saw also reminded me about the poorly planned Clinton transition in 1992 which resulted in many personnel problems and a very rocky start.
She also notes that the reaction on the right has been mostly gracious to Obama.
I am really proud of most of those on the right in their response to the election, too. Even many of those who opposed Obama the most vehemently appear to be genuinely interested in seeing him succeed for the good of the country. I don't see any who show a desire to treat President Obama as those on the left treated President Bush for the past eight years. That says a lot for conservatives. I fully expected more on the right to want to reciprocate in kind. It is possible to disagree, even vigorously, without wishing for assassination as some did of President Bush and VP Cheney, and without calling the President a chimp, or Hitler.
I have to agree. I've been reading a lot of responses on conservative blogs and the worst it gets are long philosophical pieces on why "the wrong man won". No assaults using racial slurs. Nothing over the top. Byrd even keeps herself honest and notes that not every response on the right is rational.
Glad I specified "most" of those on the right. Some already want to impeach Obama? Puh-leeze. The man is not even President yet and he may actually have learned from Clinton that you can't go to the extreme left right off the bat. Rahm Emanuel is not a good indication of bipartisanship, but Obama still has plenty of opportunities to reach across the aisle and I sincerely hope he will.
This impeaching thing really has to stop in this country. The Clinton impeachment by overzealous conservatives started it. The calls for Bush impeachment continue it. Impeachment is very, very serious. It should be saved for the most egregious of abuses of power. No, Bush didn't even come close. Clinton didn't either. Calls for impeachment should be rare, not commonplace.

That last issue aside, I do agree with Lorie. We all, even people who have serious doubts, need to give Obama a chance. Judge him by his actions not on your fears.

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Christy said...

Although I am disappointed in the choice America has made of Barack Hussein Obama as our 44th President, since I disagree with his views on many issues. However, I would like to express how proud I am of our country and how many people participated in the election by casting their individual votes. It's encouraging to see so many people participating in the democratic process and gives me much hope for the future. Secondly, I am extremely proud that our country has come so far in forty years (which in the grand scope of human history is very short indeed.) It is amazing and inspiring that so much social change has occurred in forty years. I just wish Martin Luthor King, Jr. and the many who fought peacefully, bravely and tirelessly to attain equality for all in our great country could be here to witness this culmination of all their efforts. I can whole heartedly appreciate this moment in our history even though I disagree with Obama's politics. There is something greater to appreciate in this election that goes beyond and above politics. Anyways, I'm willing to have a wait and see attitude and hope that he doesn't go too far left in his policies.

mnotaro said...

I thought McCain's speech was touching, thoughtful, intelligent, and inspiring--way more inspiring than his entire campaign! Don't you think?? Maybe he needed to borrow some of the left wing illuminati advisers to get some passion going in his campaign? HA HA! But Obama is our President now, and I will not just hand over my respect to him, he will have to earn it and hopefully he will.

knowitall said...

She wasn't the one who lost, the country did. We have placed inexperienced left-wing illuminati in control, and that is a big loss for America.