Monday, November 03, 2008

Media Bias: Palin vs Biden

One more time before the election I get to revisit the subject of media bias with respect to Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. Earlier in the day I noticed this CNN report--from its own internal polling agencies of course--that Palin was costing McCain the election. Ridiculous.

McCain may indeed end up losing tomorrow but one thing is clear--without Palin he would lose horribly. Moronic slogans such as McSame aside, McCain's biggest weakness was a huge lack of support from the Republican party. Many were prepared to hand the reigns to Obama, hope that he failed spectacularly and build from there. (How sad, but that is the subject of another post.) Sarah Palin changed all that. Yes, if you interview people in a Berkeley coffee and herbal remedies shop, you will get the impression that Palin hurts the ticket. But outside of that bubble, an dispassionate observer can see the excitement and energy Palin has brought out in the conservative base.

That's the problem with today's biased media. They can't see beyond their own opinions. They think Palin is a vapid whore so they assume that everyone does. They can't imagine anyone getting motivated by her presence on a ticket, so they assume no one else can either.

Gateway Pundit has photos from Palin's appearance in Missouri today. 18,000 people showed up.

Also appearing in Missouri, Joe Biden was met by a huge crowd--of 400?
Vice presidential candidate Joe Biden urged supporters in Lee's Summit Monday to work hard in the closing hours to elect Barack Obama to the White House. "Thirty-seven hours!" he told some 400 supporters in the gym at Longview Community College.
Now this one crowd size comparison doesn't mean McCain is going to win the election--or even that he is going to carry Missouri. But evidence like this is ignored by CNN. Instead they continue to churn out biased, meaningless drivel based on their own flawed internal sources.

McCain may win tomorrow. Obama may win tomorrow. Whatever happens, I hope that American wakes up and the mainstream media loses.

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knowitall said...

The biased mainstream media will have nothing to do now that their support of the inexperienced Ivy-League illuminati has won. Who will they speak on now.