Friday, October 21, 2005

Blogosphere Replacing The Media

Previously, I wrote about how bloggers were asked to review the movie Serenity. It was yet another examples of the blogosphere being accepted as a legitimate concept and continuing to become a parallel to more traditional media sources.

The trend is continuing. Recently, Republican members of the U.S. House invited a number of bloggers to come to Washington and ask questions. The press release for the event can be seen here.
During the first ever Blog Row, Members were able to take questions and provide in depth answers while bloggers posted comments and summaries throughout the entire two and a half hour forum. The House Republican Conference reached out to bloggers nationwide, with eleven able to attend the event and post live from the Capitol. Today twenty-three Members spoke at "Blog Row' on everything from belt tightening in the budget to the recent elections in Iraq.
I'm not even really that interested in the questions that were asked, nor in the answers that were given. But I do find it fascinating that bloggers were asked to come to Washington and representatives took time out of their schedules to meet with them. This is a trend that you are going to see more and more as time passes.

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