Monday, October 17, 2005

The Impossible Iraqi Vote

I was trying to gather a number of reactions to the Iraqi vote, but stumbled upon one that pretty much says exactly what I was hoping to say. The blog is Murdoc Online (hat top Instapundit) and you can read the full post here. The post is so succinct that my excerpts here will almost quote it in entirety. The post begins with the following observations.
Recall that it would take many months and many thousands of American lives simply to conquer Iraq.

Recall that, even if we managed to get control, the Iraqi people would never regain their sovereignty.

Recall that, even if we did give Iraq back to the Iraqis, it would simply be a puppet government that ruled.

Recall that, even if the government ever allowed elections, the Iraqi people wouldn't be interested in participating.

Recall that, even if the Iraqis did want to vote, the violence in Iraq would prevent them from doing so.

Recall that, even if elections were held, they would be so corrupt as to be worthless.

Recall that, even if a freely-elected government was formed, they would never be able to keep control.

Recall that, even if a new Iraqi government did manage to run things, they would never agree on a permanent charter.

Recall that, even a charter acceptable to all government leaders was written, the Iraqi voters would never approve it.

Recall that, even if voters did approve a new constitution, it would be without much participation of the Sunnis and would therefore be meaningless.

So how did the AP spin the Iraqi vote?
Oct. 16, 2005

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's constitution seemed assured of passage Sunday despite strong opposition from Sunni Arabs who turned out in surprisingly high numbers in an effort to stop it.

The constitution's apparent victory was muted, though, by the prospect that the vote result might divide the country further.

This is not from an editorial mind you. If you truly believe that the American media is not heavily biased against the Bush administration then I'm afraid nothing will convince you otherwise. I can only hope the extent to which the mainstream media pushes its own agenda at the cost of the truth will become obvious to more and more people. Let us all hope.

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E.M. Davis said...

Chicago Tribune headline for the events of an historic day:

"Sunnis fear the fix is in on vote"

This is the f-ing lede? I don't doubt that there might be a story here... but it's not the damned lede unless you have an agenda.