Wednesday, October 26, 2005

CNN's Online Poll on Casualties

In a post yesterday, Dan pointed out CNN's online poll on how many casualties did people expect when the war in Iraq began. I think it's worth pointing out that as of Tuesday morning with 227,445 votes cast 73% say they did expect this many casualties. There's no way to determine how many of these people expected the doomsday scenarios in 2003 (house to house fighting in Baghdad, massive US casualties from the start) or how many simply understand that deaths are inevitable in wartime. Either way it's clear that a large percentage of respondents are not shocked at the number 2000 in the way that the folks at CNN no doubt hope.


Neil said...

a) In your excitment I think you guys are reading way too much into CNNs polls/wordings.
b) Why does every "conservative" roll their eyes whenever I mention that Fox News is biased, yet they love to talk about how biased CNN is?

It's also funny that "liberal" people don't claim CNN. CNN is centrist compared to the two extremes of US politics. I say this as an "outsider" (a Canadian) looking in and can't help but chuckle anytime someone says CNN is "liberal." Liberals don't sell out to corporate or sensationalist interests.

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