Monday, October 03, 2005

CNN: Continued Unprofessional Bias

CNN is really trying my patience. The stream of completely biased stories flowing from them is almost enough to make me give up with pointing them out. Almost--but thankfully for the truth, not enough.

Just yesterday, I posted about progress in Iraq. Specifically, I mentioned a military operation that killed 36 terrorist near the Syrian border. It was noted that no serious American causalities were suffered during the fighting.

Sadly, that has changed, as one U.S. soldier has died from wounds received from an explosion. How do I know this? Because CNN is now leading with a front-page linked story title: U.S. soldier dies in western Iraq. The story of the mission to stop terrorist exploiting the Syrian border didn't make the front page of CNN to my knowledge. But once a U.S. soldier dies, it suddenly becomes front page material. They also prominently continue their ghoulish count near the top of the article:
Since the start of the Iraq war, 1,939 U.S. troops have died.
My condolences and sincere thanks go out to this as-of-yet unnamed soldier's family. I appreciate the sacrifice that he made for me. I can only hope that one day the reporters and editors of the CNN can be professional enough not to use a man's death to fuel their agenda, but I fear I am hoping against hope.

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