Monday, October 03, 2005

Miers Nomination Part Of A Deal With Democrats?

There is increasing speculation that the Miers nomination is the result of a deal with democrats in the senate. A good summary of the theory can be found at Power Line.
Why would Bush accede to the Democrats rather than fight for another Roberts-type conservative? The only reason I can think of is that liberal Republicans in the Senate, starting with Arlen Specter, told him they wouldn't back him up if he replaced Sandra O'Connor with a strong conservative. There are enough RINOs in the Senate to make such a threat credible, I think.
Instapundit notes, at the end of a long post on Miers, that this GOP press release page has three quotes from a Harry Reid press release, all praising Miers.
"I Like Harriet Miers, As White House Counsel She Has Worked With Me In A Courteous And Professional Manner."

"I Am Also Impressed With The Fact That [Miers] Was A Trailblazer For Woman As A Managing Partner Of Major Dallas Law Firm And The First Women President Of The Texas Bar Association."

"In My View, The Supreme Court Would Benefit From The Addition Of A Justice Who Has Real Experience As A Practicing Lawyer. The Current Justices Have All Been Chosen From Lower Federal Courts, A Nominee With Relevant Non-Judicial Experience Would Bring A Different And Useful Prospective To The Court."
Rarely do I find myself agreeing with Harry Reid, but I did note here seemingly impressive resume, as recounted by President Bush during his nomination announcement.
Harriet was the first woman to be hired at one of Dallas's top law firms, the first woman to become President of that firm, the first woman to lead a large law firm in the state of Texas. Harriet also became the first woman president of the Dallas Bar Association, and the first woman elected president of the State Bar of Texas. In recognition of her achievements paving the way for women lawyers, Harriet's colleagues in Texas have honored her with numerous awards, most recently the Sandra Day O'Connor award for professional excellence.
Note the O'Connor connection. Finally, and I'm not sure what this means, but the front page story on CNN has a picture of Miers and Reid, not Miers and Bush. Since that picture is likely to change (and is an AP photo) I think I am OK in copying it here.

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