Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Personal Experience In Iraq

Powerline posted a letter from Major E., who is temporarily back from Iraq. Not surprisingly the major is a conservative and unhappy with the news coverage of Iraq. One could dismiss his opinions as military propaganda, but I found the letter to be an interesting alternative to the death-count articles written by the media.

He ends with:
As far as the situation in Iraq is concerned, suffice to say that things are going much better over there than is being reported, and I am confident that the voter participation in the upcoming constitutional referendum and in December's elections will confirm that.

The anti-Iraqi forces seem to win the battle for daily headlines, but we win on the big events--because, as on January 30th, the victory was so big as to be undeniable. More important that scoring PR points, though, is the fact that life of the average Iraqi is improving and the legitimacy of the new government is growing.

I hope that is all true.

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