Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush's Best Speech That Nobody Heard

I'm a little perplexed by the timing of Bush's most recent speech, concerning Iraq and the war on terror.

From many accounts, it was an excellent speech for Bush. Here is Donald Sensing's take. Here's a view from a blog I'm not familiar with, but was linked by Instapundit. Glenn at Instapundit had this to say. If you scroll to the bottom of this reaction, by the California Yankee, you can see a set of links to many more positive reactions. Not surprisingly, GOPBloggers calls it one of the finest speeches on terrorism. A full transcript can be found here.

So why then, was the speech delivered at 10 AM EDT? If you noted in the reviews most people either missed the speech live, caught part of it, or only heard it on the radio while doing something else. Personally, I read the news articles the previous day that the speech was planned, did not note that it was in the morning, and was therefore confused when I realized I had missed it. Also note that none of the major news outlets carried it. While the major network and cable news have been biased against Bush (except FoxNews, of course), they typically will show a presidential speech presented in the evening hours.

While I think the clamor over the Miers nomination is overblown, I do agree that it appears that the White House didn't think they could win a fight over a conservative nominee. And now Bush gives a tell-it-like-it-is speech on terrorism, but it's scheduled so only astute political junkies will hear it?

Color me confused.

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