Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Biden Gaffes Continue: Obama Too Smart to Live in a Republican Neighborhood

A lot has been written on how one of the major problems the Democratic party has in getting its message accepted by the American people is that they radiate an aura of superiority. When trying to convince someone that a position on an issue is a correct one, starting with, "If you only weren't such a moron, you'd see that I am correct" is never an effective strategy.

Apparently no one has thought to tell Joe Biden. In a speech on Monday, Biden, trying to defend Obama from character attacks on the right, stated that Obama was so smart that Republicans just didn't understand him. He then added that they must think: "He's so smart, he can't be from my neighborhood." Video and commentary at NewsBusters.

Is he serious? How does he thinks this sounds to people who aren't already convinced that Democrats are geniuses and Republicans are idiots. And he said it in Michigan--you know, one of those states in the middle.

As a bonus, watch the video and notice the way Obama is introduced. They have the mic set for man of Biden's height and you can only see a little bit of hair of the woman doing the introduction peeking above the podium. She says that Obama made a smart choice in Biden, compared to that "bucket of fluff" that the Republicans picked.

Sarah Palin has been called a dominatrix. She's been told to suck it. It's been suggested she is just pretending to be a woman. Mountains was written about how these sorts of attacks have only served to make Palin more popular. And now she is called a bucket of fluff...

...by all means, continue.

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