Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who Is Going to Win the Canadian Election, 2008?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but with the Canadian election coming up soon, I'm getting a number of Google hits for "Who is going to win the Canadian election?" That search brings up this article from 2005. I could comment on the upcoming 2008 election but there are a few problems:
  • The author of that 2005 article was Stephen Young who was writer here back when I was experimenting on having the Internet Freedom Trail be a group blog. While he and I still are friends, he's no longer an author here.

  • I have not being paying attention at all to Canadian politics. I think this is due to the fact that Sarah Palin is not running for office in Canada and by definition all blog and news coverage must focus on her to the exclusion of all other topics.
So I'm afraid I don't have much insight to offer to people who have found their way here searching for that topic. The best I can do is post this chart from InTrade:

From this predictive market, at least, people seem pretty convinced that the Conservatives are going to win. Beyond that I can only suggest you continue to try Google. But since you are here, stay a while. We have Palinmania to blog about and you can't beat that for entertainment.

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Stephen said...

The Conservatives look increasingly like they're going to win, and that really right now the questions is whether or not they'll form a majority. For them, it's not so much that they're more appealing than they were last go-round. (For what it's worth, I'd say they're about the same, although some of the folks who thought the sky would fall if the Conservatives formed government may now realize their fears were overstated.)

It's more that their opponents (chiefly the Liberals) have gotten so unbelievably inept that you almost wonder if they're throwing the election. Seriously, who *proposes* a new tax during an election campaign? Though you won't hear them admit it during a campaign, I'm sure there are some Liberals who will be happy to get on with losing this election so they can replace their current, utterly incompetent leader Stephane Dion.