Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Weeks of Sarah Palin

It's been two weeks since John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his choice for his vice presidential candidate. Two weeks. Can anyone believe it has only been two weeks?

The media blitz during that period of time has been nothing short of astonishing. If you are capable of it, forget what side you are on for the moment. From the dispassionate perspective of a student of politics, the last fortnight has been historic.

It would be impossible for me to summarize the events the announcement succinctly. A list of the stories reported (and fabricated) and the opinions raised (for and against) would be mindbogglingly long. In the end, I decided just to post the following two charts from InTrade--the market values for McCain's and Obama's chances at the presidency.

Almost every event that could be used to explain McCain's rise and Obama's fall in the predictive markets over the last two weeks can be traced back to Sarah Palin. There is still a long way to go in this election and, as the last two weeks have proved, anything could happen. But the choice definitely had a astounding impact on a presidential race and that in and of itself is historic.

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