Monday, September 22, 2008

Wasteful Senate Spending -- How Do McCain, Obama, and Biden Rank?

Ed Morrissey has an illuminating post that transcribes a TV interview with Citizens Against Government Waste. As a caveat, the interview was conducted by Fox News, so apply your own filter. When asked about ranking Senators by votes on wasteful spending, this was the exchange between Jarret (Fox) and Schatz (CAGW):
Jarrett: Is Obama at the bottom?

Schatz: He is not quite at that the bottom. Actually, Senator Biden is at the bottom. He has a zero rating in 2007. But Senator Obama is pretty close at 10%.

Jarrett: So Biden would be the most wasteful in your judgment, and again you are a non-partisan group, would be the most wasteful Senator?

Schatz: He wasn’t the only one. There were 13 Senators with a zero rating, but he was one of those that failed to vote a single time to cut waste or cut taxes or even preserve tax cuts.


Jarrett: And again, we are out of time, but John McCain, zero earmarks. Right?

Schatz: That is it. Zero.

Jarrett: Big goose egg. I mean that is amazing in Congress.

Schatz: It is difficult to say no, but he is one of the few who has.
How is this not a campaign commercial for McCain? Yes the discussion is a little cluttered between "wasteful spending" and "earmarks". But even so the differences are pretty remarkable. You'd think the McCain campaign would want to get this information out there to the public more often.

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