Sunday, September 14, 2008

New York Times Rips Sarah Palin; 75% of Alaskan Democrats Approve of Her

The GayPatriot notes the following odd discrepancy. (Hat tip: Instapundit.) The NYT published this highly negative story about Sarah Palin. With all this hard evidence of just how horrible she is, you'd expect that she must be pretty unpopular up in Alaska.

Now we know that 85% of Alaskans approve of her as governor, but Alaska has a lot of Republicans and as we have also be told by the New York Times, Republicans are all brain-washed, gun-loving fascists. Surely the Alaskan Democrats aren't drinking the Kool-Aid and must see things as the Times does. Only if you check the link, 75% of Alaskan Democrats approve of the job she is doing as governor. One more time for clarity. Sarah Palin has a 75% approval rating with Democrats in Alaska. That's astounding.

I'm sure the Times didn't seek out representatives of the small segment of the population in Alaska that disapproves of Palin. There has to be some other explanation or the whole thing is a big misunderstanding. After all, Alaska is pretty far away from New York City. I hear people in Alaska don't even attend that many Broadway shows. How uncultured of them. It must be challenging to do accurate reporting in such a backwater environment.

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