Friday, September 12, 2008

Outright Fabrication with Sarah Palin, ABC Interview Content

OK, normally I try to blog with in a calm state of mind, but I am angry. Furious. Disgusted. I was surfing Yahoo! News when I cam across this add by ABC for it's continuing interview with Sarah Palin. Here's the image:

What the hell? So they put a question from Gibson across the top of a picture of Palin and then distributed that to thousands of sites across the internet. You can't do that and be considered even slightly professional. Gibson also asked her if she felt she was qualified. Are they going to run an ad with her picture and the text: "Qualified to be VP?" across the top? Since ABC is the source of the caption and not quotes from Palin, why not go all the way--make her appear insane. They could run the same ad with "Obama an alien from Mars?" and it would be just as accurate.

Palin was asked if she thought Iraq was a holy war. She didn't answer that it was. Her answer was the standard Christian answer about every aspect of life: I hope that what I'm doing, what my family is doing is what God wants us to be doing. I'm not even remotely Christian and I understand that as (I hope you are sitting down) being religious. Not being a religious nut who is going to invade every non-Christian country in some sort of modern day crusades. Has anyone at ABC every watched a sporting event where an athlete points to the sky and thanks God for the skills they showed that allowed them to win the game? Are these athletes conducting a holy war against the other team?

People in this country are religious. Simply having faith does not and should not disqualify you from holding public office. If there is evidence that Palin's religion caused her to make decisions as Governor of Alaska that violate the idea of separation of church and state, report about them. Report about them with huge banner headlines that would doom her campaign. That would be fair and responsible reporting. But to attribute the content of a (silly) question to the image of a candidate is flat-out dishonest and reprehensible behavior for what should be an objective media outlet.

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