Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Happened To Keith Olbermann, Redux

I once asked, long ago, at the beginning of his slide into insanity What Happened to Keith Olbermann's Brain? As the years in between have proven this just marked the beginning of his decline.

Case in point, consider his latest rant. It seems Sarah Palin bought, using her own money, a tanning bed while she was Governor of Alaska. Apparently Olbermann and company argued this was "elitist". Very clever of them to use that word people use to describe Obama, right?

Well, one reader of the Corner suggested there might even seems there might be a good reason for the purchase:
When I saw your item about “tanning beds” it was the first I heard of it. We actually just programmed out MSNBC. We have three kids 7 and under and we don’t want them to growing up thinking that is what the word “journalism” means.Anyways, my wife, born, bred, and of Alaska, laughed very heartily when I told about this when she woke up. She has a very dark complexion (a fair bit of native Alaskan blood) and she used a tanning bed when she lived in Alaska. So did her whole family. And most of her friends. Why? Its not for the tan, because as you might guess, not much skin ever gets seen anyways. It is to try and fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Perhaps Obermann is unaware, but Alaska is at a very northern latitude and even when it is summer, there are lots of clouds. Thus, depression. A lot of people preferred the tanning beds to the strange “light box” thing. You might want to ask Jonah’s fair Jessica is she too has used tanning beds to fight SAD in Fairbanks.
Is there any truth to this? I have no idea. But it is good enough for Olbermann. Apparently now he is asking if Palin has ever been treated for depression or mood swings.

I think I finally figured out part of his problem. He needs to step away from the internet. I know myself I've read a story on a some obscure blog and gotten caught up in it. After a good nights sleep, though, I sometimes find that some things don't ring true and after some second thoughts, decide to drop the matter altogether.

Olbermann doesn't seem to do that. He was accused of having Kos talking points in hand during his ranks that got him demoted by MSNBC. Now he reads a one internet story that Palin bought a tanning bed and another (anecdotal) story that people sometimes buy tanning beds in Alaska to fight the gloom of short days and long nights and now he is convinced that Sarah Palin might have clinical depression?

Keith--step away from the internet. Not everything you read is true. Not everything is related. Your fall from your witty commentary on Sports Center to mindless, bitter ramblings I thought was complete--but you keep finding new chasms to jump into.

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