Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inexplicable Picture of Palin on CNN

I suppose this is an example of media bias; in truth it is more an example of media oddness. The current front page of a CNN is a story about Palin and "tasergate". I'll get to the story in a second, but first the picture that accompanies the story:

What's with the profile-in-shadow? Is it suppose to be ominous? Palin is not cooperating with the ridiculous probe and the goal is to make her look shifty? After the flack The Atlantic has received for the Greenberg photo fiasco, why run a story with such an odd picture?

Of course, the other standard comment applies. Wall street was hit hard again today. While the polls have questionable internals and methodologies, the last set of polls have been favorable for Obama. And once again, the media decides the time is right to return the attention to Sarah Palin. Why?

Palin has released records in the whole Troopergate/Tasergate "scandal". The person pushing the investigation (French) is known to be biased. No one but people on the far left think there is really anything to this--and it is more of a hope than anything else. Pushing to the story in a vacuum is questionable enough. To do it at a time where the current news is pro-Obama is just bizarre.

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