Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For a Change of Pace: Conservative Blog Bias

Blogs, like editorial opinion in media, are free to be biased in any number of ways. It is when news reporting, with an expectation of being objective, shows an obvious bias that I get rankled. That said, sometimes biased blog authors (both conservative and liberal) can unintentionally post some pretty amusing things. Case in point, consider the blog of conservative radio show host, Hugh Hewitt. Today he posts the following picture of Obama using a teleprompter in a rodeo ring at the Colorado State Fair:

He adds: This is bound to impress voters. From the CNN ticker article he links:
It appears Barack Obama's teleprompter is hitting the campaign trail.

The Democratic presidential nominee has never tried to hide the fact he delivers speeches off the device, though normally he doesn't use one at standard campaign rallies and town hall events.

But the Illinois senator used a teleprompter at both his Colorado events Monday — making for a particularly peculiar scene in Pueblo, where the prompter was set up in the middle of what is normally a rodeo ring.
This is actually pretty amusing. But if you glance just a couple of posts down on Hewitt's main page, you see an article about Palin that has the following picture:

Isn't that a teleprompter in front of Palin? Yes, she is speaking to a much larger audience. Yes, teleprompters are much more commonly used in such a venue. And yes, the "teleprompter in a rodeo ring" is a pretty funny visual. But if you just glance at the two pictures, it's rather amusing.

On a tangent, I did like this picture from Hewitt's second post:

Amazing how one quick comment can turn into a symbol for a whole political movement. Are lipstick tubes the new cigarette lighters?

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