Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Media Bias: The Economy Edition

So it seems CNN figured out the mistake it was making that I pointed out last night. The current featured article of CNN.com looks like this:

Take a closer look at that opening text:
Since John McCain picked Sarah Palin for his running mate more than two weeks ago, the Republicans have dominated the headlines. But as the recent failures of major investment banks on Wall Street remind voters of troubles facing the economy, the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden may be able to get back on offense.
How does that read to you? As objective reporting or as hopeful thinking? The text of the actual article is much more balanced--but only if you click the link and follow the article. The splash effect for people just opening the page and glancing at it is "Good news for Dems!"

Look closely at the split picture of Obama and McCain. The Obama picture is clearly focused with good light. The McCain picture is poorly focused with bad contrast. While the expression on both their faces is not flattering, what is up with the McCain expression? You can always catch someone mid-word with an odd expression--did they have to use this photograph?

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