Friday, September 19, 2008

Lone House Left Standing After Hurricane Ike

I'm away from the computer for most of tomorrow, so there won't be any posts until late. In the mean time, consider this amazing photograph from CNN:

It is allegedly a house designed to survive a Cat 5 hurricane and survive it apparently did. People have been frantically trying to prove that this is a photoshopped picture but there is evidence that it is not. This image from NOAA is massive. If you look at it in full resolution, you see this:

Scrolling around the big image from NOAA, you can see other houses that survived but very few did. Sadly, it withstood the winds but not the flooding. Even on stilts the house was completely flooded and a total loss, apparently.

To end with a political angle, check out the comments on this iReport story from CNN. Almost immediately someone expresses the opinion that God spared the house and a religion-vs-atheism flame war breaks out. How sad but not unexpected.

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Sarah said...

I've actually read an article by the owners of this home. It is not photoshopped and it is accurate. It was flooded and is probably a total loss. They built it because, if I remember correctly, they lost their other home during they hired a firm to build them a house to withstand hurricanes. Amazing isn't it? And tragic.