Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Twist on Biased Polls: Polling Foreigners

If this analysis checks out it is truly remarkable. So have you ever wondered about those non-scientific polls conducted by CNN, MSNBC, etc? You know the ones you just click on the frontpage to see the results? The results for almost every one of those polls are very liberal and I always wondered about that. I mean, the coverage of CNN/MSNBC is biased, but what about the viewers? Do they have only liberal viewers?

The answer may be yes, but in a way that surprised me. The site Deaf Republicans has performed an interesting analysis (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.) Follow the link to read the full analysis but the short summary is this. At the same moment the night after the debates, an online poll at Drudge showed McCain winning 68% to 30% on the question of "Who won the debate?" Over at MSNBC, Obama was winning 52% to 34%. So why the huge difference? Because MSNBC's voters are more liberal. Yes. Liberal and as it turns out, not U.S. citizens. Deaf Republicans dug a little deeper and came up with this data for MSNBC users:

Now the caveat here is this is just MSNBC traffic during the time period the poll data was being collected. The only people that could say which of these users voted in the online poll would be MSNBC. But putting that aside for the moment, you see roughly 80% of MSNBC's traffic comes from foreign countries. That bears repeating.

80% of MSNBC's traffic comes from foreign countries.

Astounding. So astounding I want to check that data myself. If true it gives me a whole new perspective on those front-page polls. If only 1 in 5 users is an American, then it really represents a world view. And for issues pertaining to the presidential race, the world view is meaningless.

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