Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Biden: Hillary May Have Been a Better Choice

I feel compelled to comment on the following clip because...well...I can't really believe he said it. In a campaign appearance Sen. Joe Biden states the perhaps Hilary Clinton would have been a better choice for Obama's VP than he was and that Palin would not be seeing the popularity she is now if Hilary was in the picture. Yes really.

(Embedding this YouTube video is causing me some some issue. Click here if you have trouble viewing the embedded version.) First off, he is more right than he realizes. If Obama had picked Hilary, there is a good chance McCain would have not gone with Palin. So her national impact would indeed have been much lower, since she would have remained Governor of Alaska and not been running for vice president.

Some have speculated that this means Obama will drop Biden and pick Hilary as his running mate. I find that highly doubtful. I almost wrote laughable, but anything is possible in this election cycle. The reasons Obama will not make this change are numerous and strong.

The last person (McGovern) to change his mind on his running mate during the election lost 49 states. If Obama were to make this change, Giuliani's comments during his convention speech--if I were Biden, I'd get this VP thing in writing--would form the basis of the most effective ad ever. The Clinton camp has also given enough of a cold shoulder to Obama that there is every reason to believe she would pass on the opportunity and wait until 2012 to run again.

Some have even suggested a way out--Biden would leave because of health concerns. Please. Even this would be too obvious to the American public.

I think it is safe to predict that Obama and Biden are going to remain together for the duration of the campaign. Biden's comment above will just have to go down in history as one more puzzling statement by the Senator.

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