Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bold Predictions About the Palin Speech Tonight

I'm going to make two bold predictions about Sarah Palin's speech tonight at the Republican National Convention.
  1. Excited conservatives will praise the speech as one of the best ever delivered at a convention for either party.
  2. Excited liberals will openly mock the delivery of every word and offer up the performance as proof McCain will pick a new VP candidate within the week.
For proof of (1), I offer up this, where the pre-released text of the speech is being cheered as if it were being delivered live. While I can appreciate the enthusiasm for your candidate, isn't this really cheering the speechwriter? Unless you can believe Sarah wrote the speech herself?

For proof of (2), just go to ... well just turn on MSNBC after the speech. Having lost any integrity as a journalistic organization, it is pretty easy to predict the "coverage" you will see there.

As for my real prediction, I think she'll have a strong delivery. While so many are attempting to question McCain's judgment for making the Palin pick, her repuatation of being good under fire makes me think she'll do just fine. Considering how much pressure is on her, living up to the hype will be no small feat.

The real challenges lie in the weeks ahead, of course. But she needs to get off to a good start tonight or it will be over before it began.

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